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A sweaty-palmed, gut-twisting sense of estrangement permeated my young life. Attending high school in the Corn Belt in the 1950s, I was a social outcast, a nerd whose ideas and interests were odd and all too often eyebrow-raising. Yet, college classmates of the avant-garde, beatnik variety viewed me as intellectually unsophisticated and too hopelessly square for more than amused forbearance. This pattern continued through grad school in the mid 1960s. Among the political radicals and fervent feminists of New York's East Village, I was a faint-hearted, barely tolerated hanger-on who stuffed envelopes and showed up for demonstrations. I clung to the concept of the marginal individual as a comforting explanation of this consistent feeling of alienation.

Astro match making software download

Astro match making software download